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Tribute to Ms. Hulda Roper

Hulda Roper dedicated her life to serving the community and especially the young people of Lincoln.

In 1944, she became a police woman with the Lincoln Police department. As a woman pioneering in the field of police work, Ms. Roper was involved in many cases dealing with family problems and demonstrated a particular interest in children and their welfare.

Putting her caring for children into action, Ms. Roper was instrumental in organizing an Opportunity Camp for disadvantaged youngsters from the Lincoln area. She recognized a gap in services to support needy children and single-handedly organized support to start the Cedars Home for Children. The Cedars Home has been in operation for more than 50 years and has helped more than 5,500 Lincoln youngsters. She was also instrumental in establishing a juvenile court system.

Hulda Roper, after unselfishly devoting her entire career to the Lincoln community and its young people, died February 28, 2001.

Roper added 16 new classrooms and an additional multipurpose room during the 2007-2008 School Term. 12 classrooms are dedicated to grades 1-5 and four kindergarten classrooms are to accommodate the beginning of all day kindergarten.

In 2010, Roper added 16 more classrooms on the west end of the building to serve students in 4th and 5th grades. The addition included another gym, art and music rooms, a second library and office area.

Courtyard Dedicated: May 1997 We are thankful for the generosity of the West A Neighborhood Organization for providing funding to establish the Roper Courtyard.